An interactive game outdoors with its spectators, through the funnel of Diogenes. 

The afternoon sunshine gives us the opportunity to use the Sun as a source of light in order to create shadows on a portable screen, which has the same diameter as the wine barrel through which Diogenes saw the world. A slice of reality. The philosopher considered nature to be superior, so in this interactive project, the spectators can observe each slice of reality, the shadows of nature, in several layers. With the help and instructions of an actor, they can be part of the reflections of the shadow world through a portable screen.

During our European study trips, we had the opportunity to meet, among others, the Polish light artist, Tadeusz Wierzbicki, who has been dealing with the theme of light and lack of light since 1977 in his experimental workspace, the Studio FormS’wiatła (Lightforms Studio). Tadeusz’s light experiments with shaped and stained glass, electrostatics, reflection, magnetic or white shadows and depolarization of light are aimed for research on new visual representation possibilities of light. But he also knows the magical light effects of sunlight, the full moon, or even snow. Works created in Tadeusz’s light workshop have traveled to Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Israel and several European countries. In 2015, he was awarded a lifetime achievement award in Locarno.

Concept and shadows: Tadeusz Wierzbicki

Diogenes, a Window to the World (PL)

Teatr “i” (Poland)
Free walkabout performance

2023. Április 21. – 15:00 – Széchenyi tér
2023. Április 22. – 14:00 és 16 órakor – Széchenyi tér
2023. Április 23. – 11:00 – Bóbita Szabadtéri színpad