Light and shadow are inseparable. Without light, there is no shadow, and only in the dark is the brightness visible. The artist, Tadeus Wierzbiczki has been experimenting with light and shadow for decades. He collects and bends light beams with special tools and flexible mirrors. With the flashes of the curving light, he creates silhouettes and figures to tell stories.

This film is the imprint of the artist’s years of experiments. The scenes are lined up like haiku poems on the moving film frames. The special acoustics of the movie are provided by a live ensemble. Three excellent musicians create the musical atmosphere: Péter Baksa on double bass, Zoltán Samu Csernák on piano, and Áron Pilári on drums.

Alkotó: Tadeusz Wierzbicki

Recommended age: 14+
Duration: 60’
Language: Non-verbal

Metaphors – Study of Movement (PL)

Tadeusz Wierzbicki (Poland)

  • Location: Nádor Galéria
  • Date: SOLD OUT Thursday, 21 April 2023 - 21:00